A new and fresh way to be Mentored and Coached!

Who is Santo?

Santo founded MentorCo in 2019 but has been mentoring small businesses for over 20 years!

At MentorCo we mentor our clients at both an operational and mental level and help them with their day to day operations by tweaking areas in their business that need help.

As business owners, it’s hard to be all over everything so identifying the priorities becomes more difficult.

MentorCo live by the philosophy that we only preach what we practise, Yes, we do own and operate several businesses so our case studies are live.

Santo has also worked in some of the world’s and country’s largest company’s absorbing what works and what doesn’t in their operations and applying them where it counts with minimal resources and budgets.

With 20 years experience in over 8 different industries, we utilise our knowledge-base to help those who need it most.

MentorCo keeps Helping small business Think Big by applying corporate level strategies and their foundations to our client’s businesses.

MentorCo help with foundations, policies & procedures, networking opportunities and out of the box thinking for those too busy trying to run a business.

We are also proud to admit that we don’t use jargon or terminology disguised to confuse the client but very simple systems and conversation that becomes user friendly to the end user.

If, as a business, you feel you need something but don’t know what it is, feel free to contact me.

In other news…

Santo is also an ambassador for a Mental Health program called Lifeback Tracker – 4 Steps to Better Mind Health where he advocates the importance of Mind Health, especially in small to medium business!

To help others manage life’s challenges and live a happier, healthier life, the founder Anthony Hart created the Lifeback Tracker – an early intervention tool you can use to help ward off early signs of stress, before they escalate into a more serious mind health challenge.

As an Ambassador, i’ll be supporting Lifeback Tracker by racing to raise awareness for the early intervention tool and the release of the free app along with side projects to increase further awareness.

Need speaker on this life changing topic for your business or organisation?

PM me for more details and let’s spread the word that there is a better way to live.

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